Tuesdays Tidbit

Tuesdays Tidbit : Grow A Garden.

Growing a garden can be a huge source of not only saving money, but making some as well. I’m not talking about having a huge 10 acre farm, although that would be great for some, but rather something smaller.

If space is tight, try growing some herbs on your windowsill or balcony. Or if you have a patio railing, or fence, adding some vertical climbers can be a great way to use this space.

What you can grow varies greatly from place to place but generally speaking, most things can grow well in pots and come in a dwarf sized variety.

If your lucky enough to grow more then you need, you could sell some to your friends or neighbors to earn a few extra dollars (you might need to check with your local council for any permits however)

I have also found a lot of things have more then one use. For example, I am currently growing tomatoes in my backyard. I will be selling half of what I get, using some in salads, and using the rest to make homemade tomato sauce and paste and freezing it for use throughout the year.

Getting as many uses from one plant as possible increasing how much money your able to save in the long run.


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